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How to Prevent Burst Pipes

Know the fastest way to go from “peaceful snowy winter morning” to “what in the bleepity bleep bleep is happening”? Discover a burst pipe. You have to: Find the pipe. Try to remember where the heck the water shut-off valve is. Clean up the mess. Figure out how to fix the problem. Explain to your

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Things You Should Never Put Down Your Drain

Every year around this time we get numerous calls for clogged kitchen sinks. After that tryptophan from your turkey kicks in, it’s easy to just dump your food into the sink and settle in on the couch. And letting a little bit of the wrong food down the sink won’t cause any problems, right? Wrong.

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2 Major Changes You Can Make To Help With The Recycling Crisis

In recent city news, the city of Surprise has revealed that they will temporarily be suspending their recycling program due to an increase in cost. Until a solution is found, residents are asked to continue putting their recycling into the blue trash bins, but they will be taken to the landfill. If this upsets you

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Simple Ways To Help Prevent Water Damage Losses

Everybody wants lake front property until the lake is IN your home. The following list includes things you can do to help prevent disaster caused by your plumbing system. Following these easy steps now could help avoid some of the most common kinds of losses in the future. 1. Replace your toilet flex line and

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Who We Are: The Family Behind the Business

Pridemark Plumbing is a family-owned and operated business with a strong commitment to excellence. After being cheated by unreliable and untrustworthy contractors ourselves, we vowed to make a change in the industry and make home-improvements, repairs, and general maintenance less stressful and more enjoyable for homeowners. For most of us, our homes hold all of

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5 Tips For Hiring The Right Plumber

Plumbers don’t tend to have the best reputation. Sadly, there are some tradespeople out there who are under-qualified, unreliable, or just trying to get as much money out of you as possible. So how can you tell the difference between a good one and a bad one? Here are our top tips on how to

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Can You Really Unclog A Drain with Cola?

Clogged drains can get the best of all of us. Mystery odors, backed-up sinks, and non-functioning disposals are definitely near the top of the Worst Things about Homeownership list. Whether it’s a sink or a toilet, we’re always looking for a quick and inexpensive DIY fix. Today, our DIY might involve one of our favorite

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4 Main Causes of Sewer Damage

There’s no delicate way to talk about sewage. Sewage problems are just… gross. Ever smelled backed-up sewer pipes? Ugh. Worse yet: Ever had sewer water actually back up into your shower or spill out onto the floor? Barf.  Without a proper waste disposal system, you can experience a whole host of issues: spreading diseases, mold

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Why Does My Garbage Disposal Keep Backing Up?

Let’s be honest: A clogged garbage disposal is just ewwww. First, there’s the mystery smell. Then there’s the inconvenience of a slow-draining sink, complete with bits and pieces of yesterday’s breakfast floating around in there. Gross. Garbage disposals back up for plenty of reasons—including these top three. Disposal Clogging Culprit #1: Incorrect Use File this

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