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Tankless Water Heater Not Working? Here’s What to Check

Tankless water heaters are energy-efficient, have low maintenance costs, and are reasonably durable. But just like any appliance, they’re not completely  immune to issues. If your tankless water heater isn’t performing up to par here’s what you should check.  Scenario 1: There’s no hot water! This is the most common problem you can expect with

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Flooded Basement? Steps Before Calling a Plumber

Flooded Basement? Do these eight things before calling a plumber Few things are worse than walking into your basement and finding standing water. Dealing with a flooded basement is time-consuming, exhausting, and—you won’t be surprised to hear this—expensive. Fortunately, you can save yourself some big bucks by following this step-by-step guide before you call in

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What the Crap is a Bidet?

We’ll try not to get too personal…   We’ve all been there. You’re doing your business, and you realize there’s no toilet paper. You start to panic, frantically searching your bathroom cabinets hoping to find even half a roll. With a national TP shortage, this is a reality we’ll likely be dealing with for quite

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