Gas Piping/Outdoor Firepits

More and more people are choosing to install a permanent firepit in their outdoor space, for cosy evenings and social gatherings. This requires gas piping from the house to the firepit, which will run under your patio or paving.  

Any form of gas piping installation requires qualified specialists to ensure the safety of you and your family. At Pridemark Plumbing, we are experienced in installing gas piping and take great pride in our attention to detail, safety and quality. The result will be invisible piping, with a seamless finish.

Why Pridemark Plumbing?

We are fully qualified, licensed, bonded and insured to install gas piping that meets professional and safety standards.

We work quickly, to cause you minimum disruption.
We ensure a superior quality finish and will clean up after ourselves, leaving your home and outdoor space looking as good as new.