Leak Detection and Repair Service

Leaks in the water supply line will develop over time. Homes that are over 50 years old stand a higher chance of experiencing hidden leaks, which are often caused by decayed or deteriorating water supply lines.

These leaks are often located behind walls or ceilings, making it difficult to notice right away—particularly if the leak is very slight. Many homeowners are not aware their pipes are leaking until several days or weeks later.

Signs Your Surprise, AZ Home Needs Professional Leak Detection

Fortunately, there’s a chance to catch leaks early and avoid a potentially damaging situation by knowing the warning signs of hidden water leaks, including: constant sounds of water running through your pipes; an inexplicable spike in your water bill; and the water meter running continuously.

Other telltale signs include water stains on your ceiling, bubbling wallpaper, and moldy odors in your home.

Call our experts at Pridemark Plumbing for immediate leak detection if you think your home is affected by a hidden water leak. Our experts will pinpoint the problem area and help you find out if other parts of your home are affected by leaks as well.

Early Leak Detection Can Help You Save Money

While small leaks may not seem like a big deal, they can develop into serious problems if repairs aren’t carried out early. Even minor leaks can waste several gallons of water in a short amount of time.

Contacting a trusted Surprise, AZ plumber for leak detection as early as possible can help you save on costly repairs, avoid high water bills, and prevent mold growth.

Get Accurate Results With Noninvasive Leak Detection

You won’t have to worry about tearing down your walls or ceilings to find hidden leaks. Our experts use noninvasive leak detection methods that include acoustic and infrared technology, both of which are often paired together to offer greater accuracy.

Acoustic leak detectors track down leaks through sound, while infrared cameras allow us to easily track water movement and water temperatures.

After we have confirmed the leak, we will explain the extent of the problem and go over your options. We can easily have smaller leaks repaired, while widespread pipe damage and leaking throughout your water supply line may require a full repipe.


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Pridemark Plumbing
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I have used Pridemark Plumbing for 9 years and will continue to do so.
Joann L.
21:48 26 Jul 22
We needed our tankless water heater checked, flushed and descaled. Pridemark did a great job. Also checked and fixed a toilet. Donnie, the owner is also a very good communicator. Prices were reasonable. I will definitely recommend to friends and use again if needed.
Esther E.
01:05 22 Jul 22
It is always a pleasure to have Donnie do a repair or a new installation .I know when he leaves ,what he has done , will stand the test of time ! I would highly recommend him , for any Plumbing needs you require , While he was here , our neighbor asked about him , and I had Donnie , leave a business card for his future needs !
Henry K.
22:43 19 Jul 22
The guy that was here new exact problem. Which is not easy with the water heater that I have so I’m happy so far they’re going to order parts and repair my water heater
Mark D.
19:27 18 Jul 22
They’ve saved us twice now. First was a leak inside a wall, second was a very clogged kitchen sink. Both times Donnie has been great. He is quick, responsive, trustworthy, and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend.
A C.
19:08 18 Jul 22
Donnie at Pridemark Plumbing is the best! He is knowledgeable, fair and honest. He resolved our plumbing issue and worked well with our renters, explaining the whole process clearly. Can’t recommend him more!!
Laura S.
15:01 11 Jul 22
Refrigerator installation, Dishwasher installation, RO system installation.
Marcia G.
18:27 08 Jul 22
Plus installed a new RO systemExcellent service you can trust!
Don G.
18:31 02 Jul 22
Donnie with Pridemark Plumbing did a great job of installing our new water softener system! He was prompt, courteous and professional and provided helpful information on the new equipment.Pridemark Plumbing is an family-owned business in Surprise, AZ. Donnie is our first call for any plumbing-related service or project. For professional, knowledgeable and friendly service excellence, we highly recommend Pridemark Plumbing!
Valerie J.
03:32 23 Jun 22

Contact Our Surprise, AZ Leak Detection Experts Today

At Pridemark Plumbing we understand how important it is to have leaks and other plumbing concerns resolved as soon as possible. Our team is committed to providing quick turnarounds to help you get plumbing problems under control without hassle.

With your peace of mind as our priority, you can expect to receive accurate solutions and the highest quality workmanship to help your plumbing system run efficiently for years to come.

Suspect—or know you’ve got—a leak in your home? Call Pridemark Plumbing for noninvasive leak detection services throughout Surprise, AZ and the West Valley area.

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