Water Heater Installation and Repair Service

While unfiltered water straight from the tap is usually harmless and won’t affect your health, it can pose long-term inconveniences. Hard water, for example, can cause corrosion in your pipes and fixtures and leave persistent stains in your toilet bowl.

Pridemark Plumbing offers professional, whole-house water purification and treatment services for homeowners throughout Surprise, AZ and the surrounding West Valley region.

Reach out today to schedule an in-home assessment and let us help you find a water treatment system that works for you and your family.

Choosing the Right Water Treatment and Purification System for Your Home

Our experts supply and install a variety of whole-home water treatment systems, including:

With many different options available when it comes to water purification, selecting the right system for your home isn’t always a straightforward process.

The most effective way to determine the best solution for your family is to have a water assessment performed. Our experts can help you carry out this process; you can also opt to perform this yourself with a home water test kit, available at your local home improvement store.

Some of the more common contaminants present in our local water supply include abrasive magnesium and calcium minerals (hard water), chlorine, nitrates/nitrites, and sediment.

Our Surprise, AZ water treatment experts continue to stay up to date on new technologies and products to better serve you and ensure you receive a water purification system that meets your specific needs.

Whole-Home Water Treatment vs. Point of Use Filters

You may already have a filter installed on your kitchen faucet to help treat your drinking water. This is a great way to enjoy clean water right from the tap, but water sources in other parts of your home are left untreated. For homeowners who want more comprehensive treatment, a whole-home system is recommended.

Whole-home purification and filtration systems connect to your main water line—this means your water supply will already be treated before it even reaches your faucets or appliances. A whole-home system also provides greater efficiency, as all water sources throughout your home will be treated by one central treatment/purification system.


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Check Out Our Reviews

Pridemark Plumbing
Based on 122 reviews
Donnie with Pridemark Plumbing did a great job of installing our new water softener system! He was prompt, courteous and professional and provided helpful information on the new equipment.Pridemark Plumbing is an family-owned business in Surprise, AZ. Donnie is our first call for any plumbing-related service or project. For professional, knowledgeable and friendly service excellence, we highly recommend Pridemark Plumbing!
Valerie J.
03:32 23 Jun 22
Excellent same day response
Joanne A.
22:43 20 Jun 22
Came home from an out of town trip to water leaking from the garage ceiling! Quick call to Donnie and he got there fast to help us out on Father’s Day!!! Saved the day can’t thank him enough for the fast action! Would recommend to everyone!
Nick T.
23:03 19 Jun 22
Donald showed up quickly and did an awesome job with the repairs. He was super friendly and knowledgeable, and I will definitely recommending him and this company to friends and family.
Matt K.
16:22 16 Jun 22
When our HW would not cover a basic thing, these guys came to the rescue. Its not cheap, but not expensive either. More importantly their customer service and guarantee is outstanding so what is that worth to you?
The D.
06:46 26 May 22
Had an absolutely outstanding experience today with Pridemark Plumbing (totally agree with every one of the 5 star reviews). From the moment I spoke with them until the time they left I was extremely satisfied. I called at about 12:30 today and about an hour later Donnie and Robert arrived to do the repairs. They were very pleasant, very professional and talked with me about what I was having problems with. Very quickly they gave me the estimates and options for the work I needed. Again, I just cant say enough about this company as a whole. It wasnt just one part of the experience that went well. Everything about it was fantastic and I probably dont have to tell you that plumbing issues can be very stressful to say the least.I know there’s a lot of plumbing companies out there to choose from but if you give Pridemark a call you wont be dissappointed.
Randy C.
01:37 18 May 22
Removed comment
Timothy T.
19:42 23 Mar 22
Donny with Pridemark Plumbing was extremely helpful and professional. Took care of my plumbing needs.
Brennan G.
15:15 07 Mar 22
these are my go-to plumbers. they dont just do the job and go. they talk to me about the job at hand, show me and relay useful information to help prevent such issues in the future. and of course fix the issue lol. these guys just go the extra mile.
Missy T.
23:41 04 Mar 22

Contact Our Surprise, AZ Water Treatment and Purification Professionals Today

The decision to install a professional water treatment system often comes down to personal taste and preference. If you are interested in whole-home treatment, our experts are happy to discuss your options and help you install the appropriate system for your home.

What sets us apart from other plumbers in the West Valley is our commitment to providing personalized service. We will take the time to address your needs and questions, ensuring that you receive the superior results you deserve.

Provide your family with cleaner and fresher water with zero hassle. Contact our experts today to book an appointment for whole-home water treatment and purification services in Surprise, AZ.

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