Water Treatment & Purification

Hard water can lead to build-ups of mineral deposits (scale) in your pipes, water heaters, kettles, and other appliances. This can clog your pipes, reduce water flow, and make your appliances and fixtures harder to clean and maintain.

At Pridemark Plumbing, we can advise you about efficient and cost-effective water treatment options, and install a system that will extend the life of your plumbing and appliances. A water softener removes the impurities and unwanted minerals that make hard water so problematic. We can also install a water purification system to give you a constant supply of fresh, pure drinking water.

Why Pridemark Plumbing?

We are highly experienced in installing water treatment and purification systems in homes and commercial buildings. By installing an efficient water treatment system we can save you money on de-scaling, unclogging and repair services further down the line.

Our friendly service technicians will take the time to talk you through your options and find a solution that fits your budget. At Pridemark Plumbing, our goal is to create long lasting relationships with our customers and it shows in the quality of work that we perform.